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Attention Blueprint Affiliates: An Amazing Opportunity To Potentially Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars And  Build A MASSIVE Email List In Record Breaking Time...

Memo From: Tim Godfrey      To:  All Blueprint Affiliates:

Hi... Tim here... and thanks for taking the time to visit this page today.

Be sure to read every word as the potential here is huge. What we have decided to do is give all Blueprint affiliates an opportunity to give away one of our best selling products - Mining Money Online - and allow you to build an huge email list in the process of doing so.

As you may know, having an email list of subscribers interested in internet marketing or making money online is one of the most valuable assets you can have. There are constant product launches which you can promote and make money from, not to mention that people interested in this niche tend to be rabid and repeat buyers.

This is your chance to get in on the action and in my opinion is a fantastic opportunity; one that I would have been VERY grateful for when I started my first internet business six years ago. It would have made me get where I am today... MUCH faster.

We have provided everything for you, from the pitch page to a 7 part auto-responder series which, depending how much traffic you can get, has the potential to generate hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each and every month.

Briefly, here's how the process will work... and I'll go into more detail on each of these steps in a moment and give you all the download links you need.

Firstly... You'll need to download a copy of one of the brand new high converting opt-in web pages for Mining Money Online. You can preview the longer version of the page here. You can preview the shorter version of the page here. You can use either one.
Secondly... You need to make a couple of simple adjustments to this webpage so that subscribers go into your own auto-responder account. (I'll show you what to do in a moment)
Thirdly... You start sending traffic to the page, begin building your email list and start making additional commissions from the upsell to our IM Advantage monthly members program that each subscriber will see once they have opted in. (As you'll see in a moment, they will be re-directed to this page via your clickbank affiliate link and here's the page that they will see)

These upsell commissions will be $45/ month so just imagine if over a 30 day period you got 1000 subscribers (EASY!) ...and 10% of them took the upsell (EASY!). Yup... that's $4500 per month...every month... in YOUR pocket.

As you can see on the upsell page link above, if a subscriber doesn't take the offer then they will simply be directed to the Mining Money Online course for which they originally subscribed.

Fourthly... You'll then need to upload the 7-part message series to your auto-responder account. These additional sales messages will then be delivered to the subscribers that you have collected automatically over the next 30 days so you continue to make commissions from selling other products.

Here's a simple graphic which makes the process easier to grasp...

Ok, lets go into more detail on all the above...

Also, please be sure to read the rules, terms and conditions at the foot of this page.


Stage 1 - Download The Opt-in Page

To begin with you need to download an html version of the Mining Money Online opt-in web page. There are two versions of this page to account for the two most popular auto-responder services.

There is one for and one for

If you don't have an auto-responder account to store your subscribers in already set up, we recommend signing up with a pre-pay Get Response account here as the instructions below are Get Response orientated.

If you already have an Aweber account, then hopefully you already know what to do. (If not, see their tutorials)

Download the website with Get Response code integrated here  (right click and 'save as')
Download the website with Aweber code integrated here  (right click and 'save as')

(When you extract the files, please note that the pitch page is called... landingpage.html)

Alternatively you can download the shorter version website with Get Response code integrated here  (right click and 'save as')

(When you extract the files, please note that the pitch page in this instance is called... opt-in.html)


Stage 2 - Adjust The html

After downloading the website, you'll need to make adjustments to the html of the pitch page so it hooks in with your own auto-responder account.

You need to change the 'campaign name' & the affiliate link ( ) by replacing the xxxxx with your individual Clickbank ID.

We have instructions for doing this here:

Watch the Instructions for Get Response here
Watch the video above for guidance then look at this image for Aweber here

If you don't have a website editor to adjust the html then you can buy or get a trial of Microsoft Expression


Stage 3 - Upload Your Files

After completing this stage you need to upload your files to the internet, including the pitch page and all the images.

I recommend creating a new separate directory on your domain/server and uploading the updated files into it.

If you don't have a website and don't want to set one up, you could take the text, images and auto-responder code and place it on a blog page or Web 2.0 Page. However, you MUST send subscribers to the up-sell page via your affiliate link after sign-up and keep the sale process intact. This is not a PLR product.


Stage 4 - Add Your Auto-Responder Messages

After you have completed all these stages and have uploaded your adjusted page, you will then need to add the messages below to your auto-responder account ( your autorepsonder service will have instrcutions on how to do this but don't worry as it should be very straight forward).

Here are the auto-responder messages. Remember, for each affiliate link, you'll need to replace the xxxxx with your own clickbank affiliate ID.
Message 1  ---  Send on day 3   ---  Affiliate Link:
Message 2  ---  Send on day 7   ---  Affiliate Link:
Message 3  ---  Send on day 9   ---  Affiliate Link:
Message 4  ---  Send on day 14   ---  Affiliate Link:
Message 5  ---  Send on day 16   ---  Affiliate Link:
Message 6  ---  Send on day 21   ---  Affiliate Link:
Message 7  ---  Send on day 30   ---  Affiliate Link:


Stage 5 - Start Sending Traffic

You can use our free training
You can use our free traffic manual
You can use George Brown's Traffic Ultimatum manual too. It is very VERY good.




By making use of this offer you must agree to these rules, terms and conditions:

1. Apart from adding your name and adjusting the html code for auto-responder purposes, you must not make any adjustments to either the text or video content of the opt-in pitch page, the upsell page or the course itself. This is NOT a PLR product.
2. You are responsible for providing disclaimers, privacy policies and other legal documents necessary to comply with the laws of the country that you market this product in.
3. You cannot directly sell personal use of this product for any price. However, the opt-in page offer may be added to a paid membership website.
4. You must not adjust the sales process of this offer in any way in other words you must make no alterations to the upsell page or the 'Mining Money Online' download pages.
5. On occasion we may ask you to make minor adjustments to the content of the opt-in page. You must comply with these requests if we make them.
6. We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.
7. You cannot sell or give away either the private label or resale rights to this product.
8. When marketing this product, you must always adhere to these FTC guidelines .



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