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This section of the training gives you an introduction to website traffic and then shows you how to get targeted visitors to your website without spending money on paid advertising. So you know, we have also included additional tips to help with traffic generation in the main promotional areas for each product.

Videos 2 thru 7 will explain the techniques you need to know to make your review websites rank highly in Google's organic search results; in other words Search Engine Optimization.

Videos 8 and 9 show you an additional method to drive free traffic to your site using article directories as leverage. On a side note, be sure to read and take advantage of Manual 2 as this will show you how everything is put together.

Video 1:  Introduction To Traffic
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Video Overview: This video is a general introduction and overview to both free and paid website traffic and how you can start generating visitors fast.
Video 2:  SEO - Introduction
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Video Overview: This video gives an introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the methodology behind ranking in the organic search results.
Video 3:  SEO - How To Do It
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Video Overview: This video runs though what is needed to rank in the search engines, namely relevant content, back links and some additional factors.
Video 4:  SEO Backlinks - Overview
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Video Overview: This video is an overview of how to get back links and the thinking and techniques behind this method. We'll also show you how to avoid making common mistakes.
Video 5:  SEO Backlinks - Blogs
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Video Overview: This video will reveal how to get backlinks using other peoples relevant blogs.
Video 6:  SEO Backlinks - Forums
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Video Overview: This video will reveal how to get backlinks using forums that are associated with internet marketing.
Video 7:  SEO - Finding Forums & Blogs
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Video Overview: In this one we are going to show you how to find forums and blogs where you can place your links.
Video 8:  Intro To Article Marketing
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Video Overview: This video from our Mining Money Online course runs through the second method to get free traffic using article directories.
Video 9:  Publishing Articles
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Video Overview: This highly detailed video runs through how to take advantage of by submitting articles and driving traffic through Google.
Manual 1:  On Page SEO Checklist
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Manual Overview: This manual goes through a series of important factors you need to apply to your website or blog to maximise you chances of getting ranked highly.
Manual 2:  Step By Step Example
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Manual Overview: This amazing manual runs through a step by step case study that implements many of the techniques we teach in this training series.

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